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I work in individual therapy and Jungian analysis in Polish and English. I also facilitate an analytical group therapy for women in Polish and offer Jungian supervision for Individual Routers (candidates in training) of International Association for Analytical Psychology. My work is based on Jungian psychoanalytical approach, but I also integrate into it my experience from psychotherapy approaches.


Frequent questions:



How long does the therapy last?

The suffering is the most frequent reason for searching the therapy. Its source are symptoms, life crises, or repeating problems. The first stage of the therapeutical work often concentrates on them and its duration depends on their character. The most often after a year the symptoms that were the reason for searching the therapy change, and gradual understanding of their meaning for the patient’s life emerges. Even if they still manifest, which may be a case in more serious problems, they are experienced differently.


At this stage the therapy changes its character and the focus shifts from the suffering that is caused by the symptoms or problems, to the deeper understanding of oneself and one’s life. That is why it is very difficult to asses how long the therapy is going to last, it can last a year in the situation of concentration on symptoms, or many years, when the patient feels that it enriches his or her life and opens new possibilities.



Is Jungian analysis the same as Jungian psychotherapy?


No, it’s not. The therapy is more oriented at the problem solving and removal of symptoms. We may say, that the therapy is more concerned with the external adaptation, which is meant to help the person to function better in the world. The analysis is concerned both with adaptation to outer and inner world. We may say that in the therapy we try to direct the psyche, but in analysis we let the psyche to direct us and show the direction of work both for the patient and analyst. Often the work starts with a therapy and gradually shifts towards an analysis.


Jungian analysis understands the healing process as based on the natural self-healing conditions of the psyche, that help to restore the psychological balance and influence the quality of life, which results in the experience of its deeper meaning and stronger feeling of self-agency. We may say that the main goal of analysis is to create the environment for this process.



More about the therapy and Jungian analysis



Days of work:


Monday to Friday



Cost of the therapy/analysis/supervision:





Individual therapy/Jungian analysis in my office in Czeladz (in English): 160 PLN (50 minutes)


Skype/Face Time  individual therapy/Jungian analysis (in English): 200 PLN (50 minutes)





I integrate in my supervisory work both classical and developmental Jungian approaches. One of many areas that interest me is the work with early trauma and historical trauma and transgenerational transmission. In Poland I facilitate group supervisory seminars introducing into work with early trauma in Jungian approach.


Skype individual supervison in English: 200 PLN (50 minutes)



You may have noticed that I hold the different prices for the face-to-face sessions and Skype sessions. The reason of that is the different character of Skype work, which is more challenging to provide the proper environment for the therapy and analysis. Also the costs of the therapy in different parts of the world are different. If in your country costs of the therapy/analysis or supervision are significantly lower that mine, and you would like to start the meetings with me, contact me so we could discuss it.

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