The supervision process provides the “background presence” for the therapists work. It supports it and structures, and contains the process of the professional development. Supervision in Jungian approach relates to many important areas: it provides a container fot the therapists work, develops therapeutical techniques, deepens the understanding of the transference and countertransference phenomenas, elaborates repeating patterns of behavior, thought and fantasy from the individual and collective perspective. It enhances understanding of the structure of analytical process, but most of all it is a process of the emergence of analytical attitude, understood as the ability to contain and reflect full psychological reality of the patient.


I work with psychoanalytical candidates in International¬†Association for Analytical Psychology Individual Route. I finished IAAP supervisory training in 2016 in Prague. In Poland I organize group supervisory seminars “Analytical Approach to Work with Early Trauma”. I also work with the therapists from other approaches that wish to deepen their style of work with the Jungian analytical perspective. See the “Therapy, analysis and supervision” page for more information.

About Jungian psychoanalysis and psychotherapy

My analytical practice

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